Homemade Tofu

One of my 2014 resolution is to add variety to the menu and improve the quality of the ingredients we use.

A few years ago, I discovered that I am lactose intolerant. Therefore, cooking and grocery shopping has become more complicated. Lactose-free products don't seem to work to well, so I simply stay completely away from dairy.

Also, a large intake of soya is not very good either. As I was a vegetarian, soy and tofu was often the main go-to protein source. Soy is heavily processed. Organic soy is better... but I like to go back to the source of thing and face new challenges. So. January and February 2014 was about making homemade organic tofu!!

I found this simple tutorial online and followed it. It worked perfectly: OhMyVeggies - How to make your own tofu

I started with a couple tests to see if I would succeed and if it was worth the effort... and OMG is it! :)

I bought organic soy beans, a nut milk bag and some organic lemon juice. Lemon juice is an easy access and cheap coagulant. There are far better ones, but they may be tougher to find and super expensive if you do not know where to look.

  1. I soak 4 cups of soybeans for 12 hours.
  2. Then, I blended the beans along with the water until I had a smooth liquidy soy paste.
  3. Next, I boiled 5 cups of water. When boiling, I poured in the soy mixture. At that point, I lowered the fire to medium.
  4. I stirred constantly until the soy mixture was about to boil. Then I lowered the fire to low and stirred constantly for 8 minutes until it was quite foamy.
  5. Then, the fun part began. :) I poured the soy paste in the nut milk bag and started separating the okara from the soy milk. Don't be mistaken. You make tofu from the soy milk, not from the pulp (okara) that remains in the bag!
  6. When I was done separating the milk and the okara, I ended up with almost 2 liters of milk and a good bowl of pulp. You can make recipes with the okara such as stir-fry, potato patties and muffins.
  7. The next step was to warm up the soy milk to 150F degrees.
  8. Once the milk is warm enough, that's when I poured in half the coagulant and stir 6 times. Then I added the rest and gently stirred making Figure-8. At that moment, the milk started to curdle and create tofu. :) I just had to let it sit for 15 minutes, covered up.
  9. The last step was to sieve out the curds and press them for 20 minutes to get the excess water out.
  10. I refrigerated it for 1 hour and I was done! Ready to serve!

Who Am I? I'm many things. I'm passionate about tons of stuff. I love travel. I love self-improvement. I'm a sucker for optimization, efficiency, and minimalism. I renewed with mathematics and science, those are so amazing. Astronomy and chemistry are just plain awesome! I'm a student, a mentor, a traveler, a learner, an artist, an animator, and Disney brings me tears of joy! I love to grow and I will never stop! So who am I? All that and everything else I have not discovered about myself yet. It's a never ending answer!

Qui suis je? Je suis beaucoup de choses. Je suis passionné des tonnes de trucs. J'adore voyager. J'adore la croissance personnelle. Je suis vendue à l'optimisation, l'efficacité et le minimalisme. J'ai renoué avec les mathématiques et les sciences, des mondes tout simplement incroyable. L'astronomie et la chimie sont tout simplement génial! Je suis étudiante, mentor, voyageuse, artiste, animatrice et Disney m'apporte des larmes de joie! J'aime me pousser à fond et je ne cesserai jamais! Alors, qui suis-je? Tout cela et tout le reste que je n'ai pas encore découvert de moi-même. C'est une réponse sans fin!