Travelling to get Inspired to Become Better: Colorado

I had a chance to travel around the world because of my job. Although, it may sound pretty glamorous, it was a hard job!! Don't be fooled... When you are on the road for work... you have to work and you don't go home at night to your own living room, you go back to a hotel and eat restaurant food for the 12th meal in a row..... but you get to visit the world, and sometime in pretty remote places.

Last summer, I had to go to a very small town in Colorado called Alamosa. I was not necessarily invaded with the same thrill as if I was going to Tokyo or Paris... but I was absolutely surprised and stunned by the scenery. It was one of the most beautiful place I have seen so far.

I noticed that the common bird chippers were very different from Montreal. I did not expect that! Also, I had only seen tumble weeds in cow-boy movies... and round fields! At first, I did not really understand, but I finally saw the irrigation system there and it totally made sense. The irrigation pipes are on wheels and attached to a peg in the middle of the fields. As it rotates around, it waters the fields. Smart!

I took the time to learn about the little things while I was there such as the pine nut bushes spreading from Alamosa to New Mexico. I also learned that there were still wild horses, big Mustang herds. I did not realize that either. In Quebec, we have to watch out for black bears, they have to watch out for black bears as well as wild cougars. I watched a family of prairie dogs chase each other. I never had a chance to see those live... 

...All that to say that even in remote locations you don't expect much from, you may find gems. I came back from there truly inspired and felt like connecting with nature on an even deeper level.

Oh yes, and if you pass by Alamosa one day, don't miss the Great Sand Dunes.

Take the time to learn about the little things and appreciate what's around you. My heart is with you if you are stuck in a lonely hotel room, preparing your tomorrow's presentation. You will do great!!

Who Am I? I'm many things. I'm passionate about tons of stuff. I love travel. I love self-improvement. I'm a sucker for optimization, efficiency, and minimalism. I renewed with mathematics and science, those are so amazing. Astronomy and chemistry are just plain awesome! I'm a student, a mentor, a traveler, a learner, an artist, an animator, and Disney brings me tears of joy! I love to grow and I will never stop! So who am I? All that and everything else I have not discovered about myself yet. It's a never ending answer!

Qui suis je? Je suis beaucoup de choses. Je suis passionné des tonnes de trucs. J'adore voyager. J'adore la croissance personnelle. Je suis vendue à l'optimisation, l'efficacité et le minimalisme. J'ai renoué avec les mathématiques et les sciences, des mondes tout simplement incroyable. L'astronomie et la chimie sont tout simplement génial! Je suis étudiante, mentor, voyageuse, artiste, animatrice et Disney m'apporte des larmes de joie! J'aime me pousser à fond et je ne cesserai jamais! Alors, qui suis-je? Tout cela et tout le reste que je n'ai pas encore découvert de moi-même. C'est une réponse sans fin!