Minimalism, Decluterring, and Letting Go

I'm going through an amazing journey right now. I'm embracing a minimalist lifestyle. It doesn't only consist of getting rid of extra clothes or bringing boxes to the Salvation Army. There's a lot of that, yes, but it mainly consists of an internal journey where you let go of old emotions, grudges, pains, attachment, fears, and learn to truly forgive. Doing so, I make room in my house and my spirit for new realities, goals, dreams, and adventures.

I have been struggling with the idea that I hate where I live and old grudges against an ex-boyfriend for the longest time. I also had a lot of money spending issues. I was a classic workaholic and stressed a lot about my job. Choosing to embrace a minimalist lifestyle and really taking action towards my true goals really has changed my life and allowed me to heal these old issues.

I've been hoarding collections of objects, furniture, papers, debts, and "important moments" for quite a while. It was all really organized... I spent hours sorting and organizing all that content. I would go through pictures of past events, really thinking they were the best moments of my life. In the mean time, I have a locker full of junk, thinking I might use this one day or in a different house.

Somewhere inside of me, something felt really wrong. I had this addiction of always wanting to change the furniture's location, reorganize, find new ways to store things. I always thought my teenager bedroom was the happiest place and time I ever had, the last time I really felt at home. I would look at all the pictures I took of that bedroom over the years and feel so happy. Then, I would look at my present and feel so bad. I was really attached to the past, making my "now" miserable.

A couple years ago, my fiance spoke to me about this article he read about people living with only a 100 items. A lot of people would react to this thinking they are insane. That concept rang so true with me. I started looking into it and, there you go, the seed was planted.

It's not until very recently that I really decided to become a minimalist. What I really care about is cultivating skills, be resourceful, be flexible and travel the world. Hoarding all that stuff at home and in my head is not useful at all for any of this.

A couple months ago, I was cleaning old picture albums to only keep the essential ones. I had a big shock. I started looking at my old bedroom pictures thinking I would have that great feeling. Instead, I was horrified. I saw the same issues and feelings I was feeling in the present moment. Every couple of pictures, I saw that I collected more stuff, the furniture was constantly changing location, and I remembered that feeling that it could always be more optimized, more organized, and wanting even more Disney collectibles.

I also saw travel pictures where on the last day I would cover the bed, yes cover, with all the souvenirs I had bought to contemplate the "achievement". That achievement was a crap load of credit card debts for a lot of things that I don't even have anymore or are crowding other people's homes. Very few of these items were actually useful or really cherished.

These pictures are only the tip of the iceberg. The only thing I really used from all of these was the red jacket. I wore it like a second skin for over 10 years. :)

Well, enough of that!

I'm having the best time going through all the junk and getting rid of it. It will help others who need it and it will free so much room. We forget that space is as important as the objects in that space.

I'm also having the best time with our life coach, doing soul searching activities to let go of past issues. We're taking full ownership of our circumstances and making changes. We're no longer victims and we're willing to honestly look at what is there and find different solutions.

I truly forgave my ex-boyfriend (who sincerely did nothing wrong... it was deep down insecurities of my own). Doing so, I reclaimed a portion of my spirit that was trapped over there for a decade!

For the past 12 months, I've been getting rid of stuff. Every time I think I'm done with an area, I go through it again and find something new to get rid of. The mind adapts itself to the new situation and is ready to go another level down. It sees solutions that were hidden by past attachments. The more you free your mind and spirit, the more you see for yourself and realize that you're holding on to stuff by fear. I do a lot of research to open my mind to this transition and find new ideas.

Pinterest is really my best source of inspiration and information.

Getting rid of objects and emotional scars won't take the great memories away and won't destroy who you are today. You'll only gain. You'll gain breathing room, peace, motivation, and you'll start healing addictions such as drama, need for attention, and need for validation.

We are now saving money for travelling and pay the reminder of our debts and I can tell you that this new found lifestyle and doing the work is really working out for us. We handled our money like champions on our last trip and even spent 1200$ less than budgeted! I only bought 1 souvenir, something quite meaningful to me. We were on an adventure. I took this opportunity to study history, geology, genealogy, and spend quality time with my fiance.

I'm not telling you to burn all your belongings and start living like a monk. I only want to share my experience and simply let you know that many possibilities exist outside of the conventional lifestyle. You could do an internal check and see if what you're currently doing is really what you want to be doing. Are you holding yourself back in some shape or form? If so, you may want to look into it, but again, it's entirely up to you. Each one of us wants different things and is on a different journey. This is mine.

Who Am I? I'm many things. I'm passionate about tons of stuff. I love travel. I love self-improvement. I'm a sucker for optimization, efficiency, and minimalism. I renewed with mathematics and science, those are so amazing. Astronomy and chemistry are just plain awesome! I'm a student, a mentor, a traveler, a learner, an artist, an animator, and Disney brings me tears of joy! I love to grow and I will never stop! So who am I? All that and everything else I have not discovered about myself yet. It's a never ending answer!

Qui suis je? Je suis beaucoup de choses. Je suis passionné des tonnes de trucs. J'adore voyager. J'adore la croissance personnelle. Je suis vendue à l'optimisation, l'efficacité et le minimalisme. J'ai renoué avec les mathématiques et les sciences, des mondes tout simplement incroyable. L'astronomie et la chimie sont tout simplement génial! Je suis étudiante, mentor, voyageuse, artiste, animatrice et Disney m'apporte des larmes de joie! J'aime me pousser à fond et je ne cesserai jamais! Alors, qui suis-je? Tout cela et tout le reste que je n'ai pas encore découvert de moi-même. C'est une réponse sans fin!