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Even as an experienced traveller you can forget details. I normally book my flights myself using online platforms. When I do so, I enter my special meal request. I can't eat any type of dairy. There are certain meats I don’t eat. I was vegetarian for over eight years, but I introduced back some chicken and game meat for various reasons, including an easier time when travelling.

When it becomes too difficult to explain what I can or cannot eat, I simply say that I’m vegan. Therefore, on flights where there’s an included meal, I make sure to request the vegan meal. This time, I had to book my trip through a travel agent. The special meal was not requested… and it’s a ten-hour flight! I didn’t check if the request was made or not prior to departure. Regardless how you book your flight, always double check if your special meal request was done… if you need one.

UPDATE: This was totally my fault. I hadn't realized that I hadn't sent my traveller profile to this travel agent. Now it's all fixed and on my way back from Seoul, I'll have my vegan meal. All is good.

Vegetarian Meal Request on Air Canada

Vegetarian Meal Request on Air Canada

A lot of domestic or short distance flights no longer provide complimentary snacks or meal. You’ll generally see: Food for Purchase. For the oversea and long distance flights, they’ll serve you one or two snacks and one or two main meals. You can request a variety of special meals. You don’t know in advance what you’ll get. Vegan meals can be quite a surprise sometime. See below the various restrictions you can request. On your reservation you should most likely see the four-letter code referring to the special meal. You may also only see “Special Meal”.

  • AVML – Asian Vegetarian Meal
  • BBML – Baby Meal
  • CAKE – Birthday Cake (on SAS)
  • BLML – Bland Meal
  • CHML – Children Meal
  • CLML – Celebration Cake Meal
  • FPML – Fruit Platter Meal
  • GFML – Gluten Intolerant Meal
  • HFML – High Fibre Meal
  • HNML – Hindu Meal
  • JNML – Jain Meal
  • KSML – Kosher Meal
  • KSMLS – Kosher Meal (Snack)
  • LFML – Low Fat Meal
  • NLML – Low Lactose Meal
  • PRML – Low Purin Meal
  • LPML – Low Protein Meal
  • LSML – Low Salt Meal
  • MOML – Moslem Meal
  • ORML – Oriental Mea
  • PFML – Peanut Free Meal
  • RFML – Refugee Meal (on United Airlines)
  • SFML – Seafood Meal
  • VJML – Vegetarian Jain Meal
  • VLML – Vegetarian Lacto-ovo Meal
  • VOML – Vegetarian Oriental Meal
  • RVML – Vegetarian Raw Meal
  • VVML – Vegetarian Vegan Meal (some airlines require VGML)

Source: http://airlinesmeals.com/meal-codes/codes/


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