Are You an Artist?

The goal of this post is to clear out misconceptions about drawing and being an artist. You most likely are an artist!

A lot of people want to draw but feel they can’t or are simply not an artist. Being an artist is a very broad term. Some can draw easier than others, yes, but it certainly doesn’t mean that because you aren’t born knowing how to draw you can’t become quite good at it.

You might want to draw for pleasure or by necessity. You might want to be a painter, comic book illustrator, graphic designer, architect, or simply need to communicate your ideas to other artists. If you wrote a book being adapted into a graphic novel or movie, you probably have very specific ideas in mind and need basic drawing skills to express them to others involved. Whatever the reason is, knowing how to draw is always a useful skill.

Live Drawing Sketch

Live Drawing Sketch

There is a misconception where people believe that someone can or simply can’t draw. This is wrong. Drawing is a skill that can be developed and, on top of it, the process can be really interesting. Not only will you improve your drawing skills, but on the way, your perception of your surroundings will shift and you’ll start to see the invisible.

One key element you’ll develop throughout this series is patience. Why patience? A simple explanation would be that if you spend two hours on a drawing, it will be good, but if you spend sixteen hours on it, it will be that much better. A drawing is only as good as the effort you put in it.

Patience is becoming a rare skill. With the advent of internet, electronic tablets, smart phones, automatic save, the famous “Undo” button and very intuitive apps, everyone gets everything they need right away. This results in shorter attention span and less focus to complete long term tasks. Being patient and seeing projects through will put you ahead of others, not only in art, but also in your day-to-day life and career.

From this point forward, leave behind any preconceived notion about drawing, trust in yourself that you can do this and take time to enjoy this experience of you learning how to draw!


Who Am I? I'm many things. I'm passionate about tons of stuff. I love travel. I love self-improvement. I'm a sucker for optimization, efficiency, and minimalism. I renewed with mathematics and science, those are so amazing. Astronomy and chemistry are just plain awesome! I'm a student, a mentor, a traveler, a learner, an artist, an animator, and Disney brings me tears of joy! I love to grow and I will never stop! So who am I? All that and everything else I have not discovered about myself yet. It's a never ending answer!

Qui suis je? Je suis beaucoup de choses. Je suis passionné des tonnes de trucs. J'adore voyager. J'adore la croissance personnelle. Je suis vendue à l'optimisation, l'efficacité et le minimalisme. J'ai renoué avec les mathématiques et les sciences, des mondes tout simplement incroyable. L'astronomie et la chimie sont tout simplement génial! Je suis étudiante, mentor, voyageuse, artiste, animatrice et Disney m'apporte des larmes de joie! J'aime me pousser à fond et je ne cesserai jamais! Alors, qui suis-je? Tout cela et tout le reste que je n'ai pas encore découvert de moi-même. C'est une réponse sans fin!