When travelling, it’s a good thing to be familiar with geography. Geography is not only about naming countries and capitals. Understanding the climate, terrain, and other particularities of the region is very useful. Hemispheres, latitudes, longitudes, and time zones are also good to know.

There are many sciences that join together to reveal amazing secrets and wonders: geography, geology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, biology, and quite a few more. Add a little bit of quantum physics to the mix and you'll get a pretty amazing perspective on the world.

Geology is amazing. You can read the history of the world in the ground. Sediment layers are awesome storytellers and the Grand Canyon is one of the greatest of them all. Understanding what these various layers are composed of and when they appeared really reveals a lot on how the world was many years ago. Why are some landscapes composed of red rocks? Why are some deserts filled with marine fossils? Why are some volcanoes explosives, while others are continuously leaking lava? These are only some of the questions that can be answered by understanding what you're standing on.

(As I'm writing this article, I'm flying above the Grand Canyon! Quite à-propos)

Rise of the Continents

There's one show I highly recommend you to watch to understand the foundation of our planet: Rise of the Continents from BBC and hosted by Dr. Ian Stewart. This great mini-series explains how the continents move, split apart, and create gigantic mountains, as well as how the whales came to be, gigantic seas that once were and vanished, and a lot more. Did you know that Australia and Antarctica used to be attached and entirely covered in a lush forest? You'll have a blast watching this show and you'll learn quite a bit.

WhaT Everything iS Made Of

For me, my passion to understand the world and myself expands beyond geography and culture. It goes down to the very atoms, the building blocks of the universe as they call them. It really gets my brain going when I realize that everything around us is composed of atoms that came from star explosions, supernovas. 

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Stars, like our Sun, are nuclear fusion reactors forging atoms, starting with hydrogen (H). Once it runs out of hydrogen (H) to burn, it’s starts creating helium (He), then carbon (C), and so on, until it starts making iron (Fe), the 26th element. Then, BLAM! The star goes supernova. Iron (Fe) is too much for a star to fuse. The supernova gets so hot and gravity so extreme that it starts fusing new elements such as gold (Au) and uranium (U). The higher you get in the periodic table, the rarer those elements get as they are fused in a very little amount of time. It’s also why hydrogen, being the first element created during the Big Bang, is the atom available in the largest quantity in the universe.

How the Universe Works

I recommend you hear it from the pros. Watch How the Universe Works from Discovery channel. It's mind blowing to see how everything is created, integrated, and simply magnificent. It makes my travelling experiences a lot more enriching. The fact that everything is on such a huge scale goes beyond what the mind can imagine and comprehend. It sheds a different light your ego and issues. I find it makes me a lot less self-centered and way more relaxed about things that would normally be perceived as stressful.


Hunting the Elements

This show, Hunting the Elements by PBS, is what triggered my interest in the elements and mathematics. This contains stuff we learned in high school, when I was really not interested, and was not seeing the purpose of it, and takes this basic knowledge to a much more advanced level and blows your mind. You should see how they dig for gold today! Incredible.

Geography Trivia

I find it very good to have a comprehensive knowledge of the different countries and cities around the world. I like to learn them by playing games. Pinning the location of a city with a time limit is really an awesome way to do it! TripAdvisor has some very good ones! For a bigger challenge including History, Culture, and Sports categories, you can use the Google Maps Smarty Pins site.

Who Am I? I'm many things. I'm passionate about tons of stuff. I love travel. I love self-improvement. I'm a sucker for optimization, efficiency, and minimalism. I renewed with mathematics and science, those are so amazing. Astronomy and chemistry are just plain awesome! I'm a student, a mentor, a traveler, a learner, an artist, an animator, and Disney brings me tears of joy! I love to grow and I will never stop! So who am I? All that and everything else I have not discovered about myself yet. It's a never ending answer!

Qui suis je? Je suis beaucoup de choses. Je suis passionné des tonnes de trucs. J'adore voyager. J'adore la croissance personnelle. Je suis vendue à l'optimisation, l'efficacité et le minimalisme. J'ai renoué avec les mathématiques et les sciences, des mondes tout simplement incroyable. L'astronomie et la chimie sont tout simplement génial! Je suis étudiante, mentor, voyageuse, artiste, animatrice et Disney m'apporte des larmes de joie! J'aime me pousser à fond et je ne cesserai jamais! Alors, qui suis-je? Tout cela et tout le reste que je n'ai pas encore découvert de moi-même. C'est une réponse sans fin!