Do You Need Earplugs and Other Stuff on a Plane?


People ask me if they need earplugs or noise-cancelling headphones on a plane. What about chewing gum? Well it all depends on you. The pessure on a plane is fairly mild and only occurs on take-off and landing. Some are more sensitive to it than others.

Earplugs, tissues, chewing gum, and facemask

Earplugs, tissues, chewing gum, and facemask

I always have my little kit ready in my carry-on. It's actually permanently packed. I only have to throw it in. It contains my few essentials: earplugs, tissues, gum, and facemask.

You can put those in a sandwich bag and you're good to go.


I always have earplugs. I use them for two reasons: pressure and engine noise. I fly a lot and I appreciate any bit of extra comfort. They help not feel the pressure change in my ears when taking off and landing. They also reduce the constant engine hum. It's not super loud, but after several hours, it's nice to have a bit of quietness. It doesn't completely remove it. You won't really be able to hear others talk to you clearly, but you'll hear the plane announcements. I found that some places have more pressure than others, especially London, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. You really don't have to wear them. Actually, for some people they don't work. For me, they really do. Also, I don't want to run the risk of having an ear blocked for two days and then violently unblocking on me. I never had that, but some people travelling with me did. They were not wearing plugs, but I was. This can totally be a coincidence... because if not, the entire plane would have got a blocked ear! :)

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

They're handy but pricy. It's up to you. They don't really help with the pressure, but it's really nice to reduce the engine hums. You'll clearly hear others talk to you. It doesn't cut all the sounds, only the continual ones. You won't find anything really good under 300$. Therefore, if you plan to invest money in a pair of those, don't go cheap or it'll be a waste of money.

Chewing Gum

I always have a pack with me for a couple reasons. The chewing and yawning motions help balancing the presusre in your ears. On top of that, on long flights I might chew a piece to feel somewhat refreshed. You can bring your toothbrush, but the airplane lavatory's water is not drinkable. You'll even see little warning signs about it above the faucet.


This is a must. You never know if you'll spill something over and need to quickly clean it up. It's not really roomy on a plane, it's easy to be trapped and clumsy. I also use those for my used chewing gum or to stuff in my finished glass of juice or water until the agents come and pick up the trash. You may also simply need to blow your nose! :)


The facemask is optional. I find them handy on long flights where I have to sleep. Midnight can be quite bright depending on where you are in the sky!

What are your essentials in your carry-on? Feel free to share them in the Comments section below.

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