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A child, born in 1901, fell in love with drawing. This child was our beloved Walt Disney. He grew up and became a young cartoonist. He then moved to California with his brother Roy O. Disney, and together they founded a motion picture and animation studio, the Disney Brothers studio. These two brothers were poor and worked quite hard at their dream to see their studio flourish. The path was not easy and the obstacles they encountered would have stopped many. Walt had a vision. Nothing would stand in his way. In 1928, working with his colleague Ub Iwerks, Walt Disney created a forever iconic character, Mickey Mouse. Surrounded by his team and family, he progressively built an empire of joy and happiness through beloved characters and timeless movies. Since the early 1900s, the Walt Disney Animation studio has been an animation pioneer, bringing to the world amazing masterpieces.

Disney Park Trip Planning Tips and Tricks

Disney Park Trip Planning Tips and Tricks

Walt’s vision never dimmed. In the 40s, another seed was planted. Wouldn’t it be great to build a place where children, family, and Disney fans could come visit and have a wonderful time? Walt Disney was set on building a theme park featuring all their beloved characters in an enchanting environment. In 1953, the land was bought and on July 17th 1955, Disneyland was opening. From that point forward, the Disney universe continued to grow and many more parks and Disney destinations blossomed.

Disney is the shining beacon for all who keep their children spirit and go after their dreams. The Disney parks are places where anyone can go and get inspired, motivated and rejuvenated. When stepping in Magic Kingdom, hearts get filled with hope, joy burst from everywhere, and it’s simply a full blast of happiness.

The happiest place is in your heart. When your heart needs a boost, take it to Disney. Disney is the happiest place on Earth.

Have a magical day!