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Aventurine Ticket's mission

Aventurine Ticket's mission

My Mission

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I try and study all sorts of things to continually develop myself, learn, conquer my fears, have fun, make a difference and pursue my dreams. I build myself a custom-made life that will go beyond my expectations, which bears fruit and satisfies me fully. This is no small matter and, as many know, it requires motivation and hard work.

Over time, I gain new knowledge and experience. I realized that many people ask me questions about what I learn and want to know how I do certain things. So my mission is to share my experiences through my blog and videos in order to help those who are looking for inspiration and a little push in building their custom life.

I don’t hold the absolute truth. I'm just trying to illustrate the possibilities, find new ones where you often think there are none, and motivate those who want to be motivated. Then it is up to each one of us to take it or leave it since each life is unique and will be developed differently. All I want is to inspire people to pursue their dreams and not settle for a pre-fabricated model that doesn’t suit them.

So you can read me on topics such as travel, health, self-improvement, recipes, Disney, gardening, studies, drawing, and much more.

Hoping to light that little spark you were looking for,