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Travel and Lifestyle Design Recommendations


To let yourself believe in your dreams and making them come true, you need to do the work. There is no shortcuts and quick-fix solutions. Building a dream is fun, regardless if it's travel, career, personal hobbies, education, adventure, or whatever you want. Getting there is part of it. Make sure you're building the right dream, YOUR dream. If you're here, it means that you wish to do so or are already doing so. Congratulations! Not everyone has the courage to face their dreams and take a plunge. They're sometime so bright that they blind us. Let them shine and move forward. Your eyes will adjust to the light. Are you scared? Good! Do you have a lot of resistance and excuses popping in your head? Good! Scary is perfect. That's where the adventure start. Let's go tame a beast!

Below, I have listed and reviewed some amazing content that changed my life and motivated me to continue towards my dream. I do the internal work. I want to continuously become better than myself and encounter paradigm shifts.


Here are recommendations if you want to live a meaningful life and look into a minimalist approach.

Google Photos

As I travel, I take a lot of pictures of great places and memories. I don't want to loose them to technical issues or theft. I uploaded my 63 000 pictures and videos to Google Photos. It's free and unlimited (in the right format). I stopped printing tons pictures.


I have plenty of childhood and 35mm pictures that could easily be lost and take space. I use PhotoScan, which syncs with Google Photos to easily digitize my old pictures and have a copy if ever something was to happen to them.


Instead of accumulating piles of notebooks, I still take some notes on paper, but I digitize them with Evernote and recycle the notebooks and scrap paper.

Minimalism: Live a Meaningful Life

This book by Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus sums up so well the way of life I follow. If you want to find a condensed version of the message I am trying to pass on, read this book. It's really short and to the point! I loved it. I bought the digital version.


Api-Flex is an environmentally friendly food packaging solution made from beeswax, organic cotton, and hemp fabric. You can replace disposable plastic wrap with a durable and environmentally friendly product. You minimize your waste, pollution, and the use of plastic containing toxic products.

Becoming Minimaslit Blog

This is the first minimalism blog I started reading and it's one of the best. You can find plenty of advice and follow Joshua Becker's own journey through minimalism. You can also read some of his books. They are excellent.

Find green businesses in your vicinity (Quebec, soon Canada). The InTouch search engine aims to connect businesses and consumers who are motivated by healthy and environmentally friendly choices. They showcase businesses, workers and organizations who care about environment and health. Thus, consumers who wish to make informed purchases and respect their ecological principles will know better who to turn to. This platform will allow you to encourage all those who are actors of change.

dans le sac

Gorgeous reusable bags made in Quebec made of natural cotton, support the local economy and promote conservation as well as zero waste. Their mission is to encourage people to reduce their consumption and dependence to plastic for the environment and their health. They want to participate in their own way in preserving the environment by offering consumers a product that is sustainable and reusable. Every action counts and can have a considerable impact.


Bio-Vert environmentally-friendly cleaning products are manufactured by Savons Prolav Inc., a family owned and operated company based in Laval, Québec. Savons Prolav has been developing and marketing green household cleaning supplies and products since 1984.


Eatizz is a win / win application that aims to reduce food waste. The mobile application allows consumers to receive free information to buy cheaper consumer products just before their expiration date and professionals to quickly communicate on available opportunities.


For your cutlery and utensils, you can make the choice to use local quality products and with a long life. JUste en Bois, a Quebec company, produces mainly sugar maple cutlery. Products and manufacturing methods are derived from sustainable management. Wood preserves the integrity of food without the taste and oxidizing effect of metal.


Bummis is a beautiful company in Quebec producing washable diapers and all related products. Textiles and manufacturing are made locally. In addition to eliminating disposable diapers, Bummis also specializes in feminine hygiene products in unbleached cotton. A transition to washable products greatly helps to eliminate waste and pollution and saves you money.

Vrac & Bocaux – Épicerie Bio

Every year in Quebec, we produce 750kg of waste per capita, which is 5.8 million tonnes for the entire province. It is important to act to change consumption patterns, it is for this reason that Vrac & Bocaux - Épicerie Bio was created, a zero-waste grocery store in Montreal. V&B is a specialty grocery store of organic and local products, without packaging, produced locally and at affordable prices, in total respect of the environment!

Travel provides an extensive amount of information pertinant to Canadiens travelling abroad. It's filled with useful tips, tools, and warnings all travellers should be familiar with. The Canadian government can help in case of trouble and they went out of their way to build this extremely useful site. It's a must for all Canadian travellers.


Vagabonding by Rolf Potts is an excellent the long-term travelling book. You'll know everything you need to know about travelling and safety on the road. A good portion of this book focuses on the mindset of a vagabonder, which is probably the most important aspect of travel. It's continuously recommended by Tim Ferriss. Take a look at it before going on your next long or short trek.

Get a Life at Sea

Do you want to travel and get paid for it? Do you love the sea? One of the thing you could do is work on a cruise ship! Amanda, from, can coach you through the entire process for you to get a job on a ship. She has over 15 years of experience and really love what she's doing!


Departures is by far my favourite travel documentary series. Three Canadians go on a three-year world travel quest. They visit uncommon places such as Antarctica, Cook Islands, North Korea, and Mongolia, as well as some beloved destinations such as India, Brazil, Japan, and New-Zealand. Their interactions with the locals are inspiring and eye-opening. If I need motivation, I can watch this little clip from the Ascension Island episode over and over... Drinking wine with a crab...

Anita Wing Lee

Anita Wing Lee, from, is a humanitarian, worldwide traveller, international broadcaster, meditation guide, and so much more. Overall, her message, actions, and values are fully aligned with Aventurine Ticket.

Ulysses Guides

Would you like to bring along a good reference travel guide? Ulysses has an excellent collection of them. Great travelling experts write them and keep them up to date. It was great to speak with some of them at travel events. Check out their online boutique.

Detours Magazine

If you want to be inspired, visit Detours Magazine, a beautiful travel photography blog. Paul and Pauline left France to visit New Zealand and Australia. They are both professional photographers. Their blog will give you a true energy boost! You can even purchase their travel booklets with beautiful pictures! It's worth the detour. :)

Health & Wellness


Chanv is a complete range of fresh body care products made with hemp oil from Quebec from La Feuille Verte. Hemp is an extremely powerful and versatile plant. I particularly like their culinary hemp oil. It is delicious and very beneficial. I love their ointment which not only smells very good, but is also very soothing.

“ Do not put on your body what you would not put in your mouth ... ”

Savonnerie des Diligences

The Savonnerie des Diligences creates soaps of all kinds made from all-natural ingredients. They have a very wide variety that works really well. One of my favorites is the all-purpose soap Madame Blancheville that I use for my laundry.


Oneka creates all kinds of body care products from plants grown in their garden. Oneka is well known for its shampoos and conditioners. It is a range of high efficiency natural products while being conscientious of the environment and reducing the use of disposable packaging.


Epsom gel is an ointment for pain and muscle tensions msde with epsom salt and natural ingredients. The gel, which is water based, brings all the benefits of salt without having to take a bath and its effect is more concentrated. In addition, their epsom salt comes from an entirely natural source that is not manufactured.

Rosemary Fusca

Ideas, Insights, and Inspirations for Living Your Best Life! Rosemary is an incredible life coach who helps you in a very genuine and organic way. Read her blog,, to gather pearls of wisdom on well being, true purpose, and essential oils. Her articles are filled with inspiration, natural healing tips, and other very beneficial information.


The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

This book by Stephen R. Covey is simply the best. It's a life changer. It changed MY life. Don't be fooled by the title. It's not about busy business people on Wall Street. It's about having a great life, making time for what's important, removing what isn't, expanding your mind, and shifting your paradigms. If there was only one book to take with me, it would be this one. It was my first step in the right direction, towards balance and figuring out what I really wanted. I can't recommend this book enough. Read this book, read this book, read this book. I gifted several copies of this book. I attended the 7 Habits for Managers seminar as I also wanted to apply those principles to my management style. I flew to Toronto especially for it. I reread this book whenever I can. As he would say: Sharpen the saw!

The Energy of Money

Sometime, we are scared to fully develop and admit our dreams in fear of what others will say, but also because of our prejudice against money. Most people label the rich ones as having it easy because they are rich and the poor people as being "real" people. Our own relationship with money slows us down. Either we don't know how to handle it or we think it's bad to want some. I highly recommend the Energy of Money book by Maria Nemeth. Reading through this book and doing the exercises will help you find your values and your dreams as well as heal your relationship with money. I had quite a few important breakthoughs reading it myself. It was a great recommendation from my life coach.

The 4-Hour Workweek

If you want to open your mind to new possibilities, this book by Tim Ferris is incredible. It really helps to see the other possibilities we are not trained to see, mainly relating to our worklife. Are you hooked to your phone and burried in unending emails? Would you like more free time? You can break the mold and see how what you want is possible. I apply a lot of these principles myself and my life is definitely shifting for the better. You can read this book several times and get new stuff out of it.

The Power of Now

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle is an incredible book answering questions about the now, consciousness, and time. The language used makes it quite easy to understand, even though it’s a concept that cannot quite be comprehended per se. Reading this book really helped me calm my mind and my body. When I get into a frenzy state, I can remember some excerpts and center myself back.

Do the Work

This is a light and fast read by Steven Pressfield. My Life coach recommended this book to me. Do the Work is not a book to whip your employees into working. It’s a personal read that has nothing to do with others. It talks about doing the necessary work to accomplish a project, such as writing a book, especially when facing resistance. It deals a whole lot with the topic of resistance and gives you very simple steps to put your outline and plan together. I used it on several different occasions, either at work or in my personal life. It helped me break through walls of procrastination and got me to ship the product. We're often worried to release our creations to the great public. You can read this book in two or three hours. You read it fast and then read it again.



ShayCarl Inspirational Running Video

If you want to see a success story become reality, you can watch the ShayCarl and ShayTards YouTube channels. From poor to millionaires, they daily vlogged for over 6 years and are still vlogging today. They do the work. They love. They have passion. They truly go on adventures, either at home, careerwise, or travelling. This Idaho family is making it happen. In this video, ShayCarl motivates the hell out of you to do the work.


Transformational coach Lisa Nichols is definitely one of the best when it comes to kicking someone into shape and getting them running on the right track. In this video she speaks about stepping into your purpose. She is a woman who did the work and went through rough times, but did not resolves herself to be less than what she truly is. No one will remain indifferent watch this video. Yes! Yes!

New year New Life Tony Robins Video

I recommend you watching this video from Tony Robbins about visions, resolutions and why we drop them. I promise you, you'll really feel pumped after this! You'll get pulled toward your compelling vision. He'll tell you exactly why your attempts fail and what to do to actually realize them. Make your new year start now, regardless if it's July, September, or March!